Flaps / Gaspedals / Wings / Deckextensions / Concavepads

Flaps / Gaspedals / Wings / Deckextensions / Concavepads

Call them however you want (-:


Each Flap (4 in total) is made of 4 different parts which are machined from solid block of 7075-T6 Alloy.
All sides are complete machined to the very last, complete 3D shaped and lightened to the maximum….
We start with 2300gramms of alloy and it ends with around 200gramms !!!

Lots of machining time on the CNC pass by

We will provide you with a Template to bring on this Flaps in correct way and with the needet Drills / Countersunk Stuff !
Most sense in terms of function will be to cover the parts with Griptape,
but in terms of style and sexyness ..... let them shine as they are (-:



you can also mount them in differnt styles , like short versions with 3 Parts per side

Also asymetrical looks are possible as seen on the pictures


Package contains :

16 single Parts, to build one Board

M4 Lensehead Screws



Drill Template



Check also this very helpfull Tutorial of Lee Wright:



Feel free to ask ANYTIME

We ride our Stuff by ourself... we know what we are talking about (-


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.

Flaps / Gaspedals

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