Offset Hubs V3

V3 / V2
Cleaner Design on Rearhub, only one pitchcircle left (not 2 as on V2)
V3 is no longer combatible with "Maxi Geardrives made before September/2020"  because this use the eliminated pitchcircle

optimized for 8inch, better fitment then the V2( which was more optimized for 9inch)
9INCH possible with Adapters which slights on Hub, 3D printed , then also better fitment for 9inch then on V2 !

Lighter of course (-; a tiny bit

E-Toxx Logo is now CNCéd not laser engraved as on V2, not that good visible maybe but more sexy in detail and longer lasting when covered with scratches IMO

i now offer also 4x REARHUB if you plan 4WD Setup
But regular it comes with 2XFront 2xRear

in generell i produce everything on request due high demand :
within 4 weeks after payment for RAW parts
within 8 weeks after payment for ANADOZISED parts


E-Toxx Offset Hubs made from finest 7075 Alloy

Made for our Geardrives, fits to Mini and Maxi Geardrive on MBS and Trampa Trucks

Replace the Hubadapter on Trampa and MBS Geardrive

Also replace the Truckextensions on MBS Geardrive


109mm Diameter

60mm wide


Offset Position

Will give you around 40mm more  overall spurwidth

Can be used for 6.5inch to 9inch wheels

5Inch Gummies possible with 3D printed Adapter(not includet)

9Inch wheels with includet 3D printed Adapters


2X 5star Bolting pattern for M5 Screws

40mm pitch circle


Comes as Set of four Hubs:

2x Fronthub - 5star Design

2x Rearhub - connects to our Geardrives

12x Ballbearings




Hubs RAW, set of 4, with Bearings/Screws = 380€


Feel free to ask ANYTIME

We ride our Stuff by ourself... we know what we are talking about (-


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.

V3 Hubs

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