MBS Matrix 2 CHAINDRIVE -ISO06 - 8/40 - RAW or BLACK

This is the new Matrix2 Chaindrive

The Matrixx2 is a super light MTB Truck with lots of Turning Ability

Mounting Holes fits to Trampa Decks


Made for the V2 of Matrix2 which is sold since mid 2018, slightly longer the V1

Matrix 2 Hanger, V2 from 2018, complete length :  410mm

(the V1, complete length 390mm, this dont fit)

If you are unsure which one you have please measure total length of Hanger and contact us.


Our Parts are made from highest possible grade Aluminium 7075-T6

LF4 Hard Anadozised in Black or RAW uncoloured


Sprockes and Chains is ISO-06 Size... the stuff is BIG and BAD

This is the third time i upgradet the Chain Size, your all going crazy with Setups (-;

Double the Strength of the ISO-05


Gearing is 8-40, so called 1:5


The Wheelpulley is fitting to 4 Hubs :



MBS- Five Star

Trampa-Superstar (with other Spacers/Screws)


You should use it with a Keywayed  Motorshaft because otherwise the mounting will be complicated

I suggest a 10mm Motorshaft for better strength like Alien APS

Motorpulleys got a 3mm Keyway and one M4 Setscrew

If you wish a 8mm or 12mm Motorsprocket please add to order comments, without it will be 10mm !


Pictures with Hubs and Chainstuff could contain different coulored Mounts/Braces

And Or Hubs and Trucks and Motors which are not includet


What you get if you order this  :

2X Motormounts 10mm made from 7075-T6 Aluminium,

3X Topmount Braces 8mm made from 7075-T6 Aluminium

2X Wheelsprockets

2X Motorsprockets for 8 or 10 or 12mm Motorshaft

2X Chain

Screws and Spacers and Keys


Will give you a calculated Topspeed with 8Inch Tires and a 170kv Motor of around :

45kmh on 8S

65kmh on 12S


Feel free to ask ANYTIME

We ride our Stuff by ourself... we know what we are talking about (-


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.



Chaindrive MBS -Black Mounts-Orange Braces

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