Alien APS 80mm Motor Adapters

This Adapters you have to use if you wanna go Insane with pure TORQUE
This will let you fit an Alien APS 80mm Motor to your Directdrive or Chaindrive
Chaindrive will take up even the 8085 Motor... 80100 is too tight
Stainless Direct Drive up to 8085
For the Alu Direct Drive special mount will come up soon

Our Parts are made from highest possible grade Aluminium 7075-T6
LF4 Hard Anadozised in Orange - Blue - Black

You get 2 Adapters for use with Dual Drive Builds
Screws for Motormounting are includet


Feel free to ask ANYTIME

We ride our Stuff by ourself... we know what we are talking about (-


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.

Alien APS 80 Adapter

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