fits for MBS Matrix2 Truck

(both the older 390mm and the newer 410mm hanger)


This gives you around 20mm per Side more width

Overall Spurwitdh from outer Hub to outer Hub around 430mm with new Matrix2


Made from high strenght Stainless Steel, CNC presicion made in GERMANY


3 Options

1-Reartruck Extension Kit : 2XTruckextension - 4XBearing 

2-Reartruck Extension Kit : 2XTruckextension - 4XBearing - 2X Support Bearing

3- Fronttruck Extension Kit : 2XTruckextension - 4XBearing - 2X 3D Printed Spacer


For your Information:

This parts have tight tolerances, we want this to archieve a nice tight fit on the Hanger.

We recognized that the MBS Axles / Threads where not that super precise, that means:

On some testet Hangers the Truckextension are very tight to fit, other fits like a charm.

We want you to know about, we will see how it turns out in generell for the average Truck

We dont wanna open up the tolerances at this point because better tight then to loose.

We need your Feedback (-:



EXPORT PRICE  starts at 45€


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.



MBS - 10/40 GEAR DRIVE - REGULAR Gears - WITHOUT Support Bearing - WITHOUT Truckextension , RAW or COLOURED

53,55 €

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