MINI Dual Direct Drive -Full CNC Aluminium-MTB Trampa "Orange LF4 Hard Anadozised"

MINI Dual Direct Drive MTB Trampa  - Hanger not includet !

Needs a machined Trampa Hanger : Infinity or Vertigo

Send us yours, we machine it for free or order a new one.


Fits to Trampa Superstar


This is the Mini Direct Drive, it has only 1:4 Gearing compared to regular sized Direct Drive with 1:5

This means its compatible from 5Inch Wheels up to 8Inch, uses the same machined Hanger.

So you can run the Trampa Gummies as Street setup and for example 7Inch Evolve Pneus or 8Inch MTB ones

All on the same Hub, great for people who wanna build a Hybrid

Its build lighter then the Regular Direct Drive, less remaining material on the housing, M4 instead of M5.


Complete Drive under 1000gramms


Gearing Stuff is same Modul, its though as hell...if you manage to kill it you are the first (human errors except)

On 7Inch wheels you already got a ground Clearence of over 36mm !

Fits to 63mm Motors, up to 6384 ... maybe more

Not compatibel with our Adapters for 80mm Motors

SSS56 size is possible to adapt with maybe further modes depending on Motorlength


! Could be also upgradet with the Silent Helical Gears if you prefer a more silent Ride !


Gearing 1:4


Generell Direct Drive :

We started end of 2016 with the Direct Drive in a Stainless Steel Variete, now we are proud to offer this in a better and lighter Aluminium Edition.

About 50 Units sold 2017 and none failed Gear due usage apears, its unbelievable strong... Yedi Fighter Sound includet

I would estimate at least 2000km runtime, use some White Lithium grease or Chain Lube Stuff.


Motormount, Hubadapter made from 7075-T6

Gearboxlid made from 7075-T6

Gearbox out of POM

Wheelspur out of POM

Motorspur out of Steel


Metal Thread Inserts in POM Parts

Sealed with V-Ring

Easy acsess Greasingpoint

Support Bearing inside Wheelspur

Compact and Strong

Low Drag

Tire / Wheel changing without opening Gearbox

Contra : Louder then a Beltdrive


Comes as Standart with 8mm Motorspur, with M4 Setscrew could be also glued with Loctide 603.

If you want the 10mm or 12mm Motorspur please add in your order comments.


If you want a Keyway please choose the Keyway Option on Direct Drive Parts, only for 8 and 10mm Spurs.


Prices includes 19% German VAT

If you order from non-EU countries we will refund you the  German VAT after purchase.

Also Buisness Customers from EU  with a valid VAT Number get the VAT refundet.



MINI Dual Direct Drive "ORANGE"

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