MBS - 10/40 GEAR DRIVE - REGULAR Gears - WITHOUT Support Bearing - WITHOUT Truckextension , RAW or COLOURED

MINI Dual Drive MBS Matrix2  - Hanger not includet !



Fits on the Matrix 2 Hanger, V2 from 2018, complete length :  410mm

Fits to MBS Rockstar 2 Hub


Fits for Motors with 63mm Diameter and max Lenght of 64mm


No Wheelspur Gear Support Bearing in this Kit

No Truckextension in this Kit

No Helical Gears in this Kit


Its the " BUDGET " Kit (-;

cheapest entry in the Gearbox Liga


Could be UPGRADET with the Truckextension Kits :

This way you archieve about 40mm more Spurwidth

Now you can use a Wheelspur Support Bearing,

And max Motorlenght increase to 6384


Complete Drive under 1000gramms


Motormount, Hubadapter made from 7075-T6


Gearbox 3D Printed with Stainless Steel Inlay, AS5047 Encoder Mounting Solution with wiremanagement


Wheelspur out of POM

Motorspur out of Steel


Metal Thread Inserts in POM Parts

Sealed with V-Ring

Easy acsess Greasingpoint


Compact and Strong

Low Drag

Tire / Wheel changing without opening Gearbox

Contra : Louder then a Beltdrive


Comes with 8mm OR 10mm Motorspur, with M4 Setscrew should be also glued with Loctide 603 or 638.



Generell Direct Drive :

We started end of 2016 with the Direct Drive in a Stainless Steel Variete, now we are proud to offer this in a better and lighter Aluminium Edition.

About 50 Units sold 2017 and none failed Gear due usage apears, its unbelievable strong... Yedi Fighter Sound includet


I would estimate at least 2000km runtime, use some White Lithium grease or Chain Lube Stuff.






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